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Our immigration lawyers provide tailored personal UK immigration law service to individuals looking to enter or remain in the UK for work, investment, study or family. We also provide business immigration service tailored to meet the needs of individual investors, entrepreneurs, small business and large companies. Do you intend to invest in the UK economy as an investor, set up business in the UK or obtain the UKVI sponsorship licence or recruit a foreign worker? Our immigration lawyers work directly with both small and medium business as well as large companies in ensuring that the requirements of the immigration rules are met.

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We do not only assist clients based the immigration law alone, we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes because our lawyers have also passed through various UK visa stages before they became settled in the UK. With over 8 years of experience in UK visas, and successful visa cases, who would be better placed to handle your UK visa application than immigration lawyers who have experienced the UK visa system themselves?   

Focused On You

Our impeccable success rate is due to 100% focus on the client’s individual cases, as no case is the same. We spend time to thoroughly understand our client’s circumstances, review their supporting documents and application forms, and prepare a strong representation to the UKVI supporting our client’s case.


The constant changes in the UK immigration rules and policies requires a good lawyer to keep abreast of the changes and advise their client accordingly. Over the years, we have maintained a good reputation of rendering exceptional services to our clients. We operate a transparency relationship with all our clients; we provide sincere opinion on all case so that clients don’t commit their time and money to cases with little or no success chance.

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Over the years our immigration lawyers have assisted several hundreds of immigrants to achieve their settlements in the UK. We specialise in all the UK visa categories, sponsorship licence, OISC immigration training, administrative reviews and appeals. Our impeccable success rate has made us a sought-after immigration law firm in the UK. Why not contact us today? and a trial will convince you.

Our core values


We believe that our words are our bonds, so we always give candid opinion on our client’s immigration matter. We are also transparent about our fees and every other associated service fee. 


Immigration matters can be very daunting, at DM Law practice we lend a helping hand by assisting our clients to bear their immigration burdens. Our immigration lawyers have gone through various visa stages themselves, so we know how to manage our clients’ anxieties and the entire application process.  


Since all visa applications are time sensitive, we always commence work on our clients’ case months before the expiration of their visas thereby ensuring that good representation is sent to the Home Office on behalf of our clients.


The success of our clients fuels our determination so we commit to putting in a strong representation on behalf of our client to the Home Office, a successful outcome is our only goal.


Our immigration lawyers are committed to continuous personal development to provide our clients with up to date legal assistance in respect of their immigration circumstance. 


We are very passionate about our work, so we find it easy to invest time and energy in processing our clients’ applications thereby helping them to achieve their goals of settling in the UK. 

Helping Where It Counts

What Our Clients Say

Paid consultation/ advice session

Consultation could be in form of meeting in our office, email advice, telephone or Skype meeting.
Email advice: We will endeavour to send answers to all your queries by the end of the next working day once the payment of advice fee is received.
Telephone or Skype: We will schedule a telephone or Skype call meeting with the client before the end of 1 working date from the payment of consultation fee.
Our consultation fee is £150 which will count towards our professional fee if/when you engage our service in processing your application, so in the end the advice session would effectively be free.
Book your advice session now by contacting us on +44(0)7429429892, +44(0)2038563516 or

Free 15 minutes consultation

Honesty is one of our core values. We will provide a free 15-minute consultation during which one of our immigration lawyers will find out about your immigration matter, evaluate the merits of your case and determine whether we can assist or not. Our lawyers have years of experience in all UK immigration matters, so we can easily know if a case is worth pursuing or not. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY LEGAL ADVICE AT THIS STAGE. We provide sincere opinion on all cases so that clients don’t commit their time and money to cases with little or no success chance.


Years of Experience


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Have you completed your UK visa application (within the UK or outside of the UK) and you require an experienced lawyer to check it before it is submitted, or are you worried about your chances of UKVI refusal or whether you have included all the specified supporting document? We offer document checking service at a reduced fee. Speak to our immigration lawyers on us on +44(0)7429429892, +44(0)2038563516 or
We will provide you with a detailed review of your application and supporting documents to be sure that you have done the required things in securing a positive response on your application.



We offer Same Day Visa Premium Service at the Home Office PEO such as Croydon, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Victoria (This centre only processes Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas) and Sheffield.
We provide a fast track service that helps our clients to receive decisions on their visa applications within 24 hours. This Priority Same Day Service eliminates all the hassles, anxieties, frustration, and concerns of waiting for visa application results.